Small changes- big difference

Pint of local beer- 190g but add to this packaging and transportation and you can get twice as much for a can of export. Glass is usually more climate friendly but heavy, so it’ll add to the transport emissions. Glass breaks easily so less bottles are being recycled. Brewing your own means recycling the same bottles over and over again.

A large latte- 340g, almost 80% of which is MILK as plain coffee has a footprint of 21g. Worse still if it comes in a plastic cup: plastic has only 37% recycle rate in the UK and it deteriorates with each cycle. Add to it the plastic milk bottle.

Green tea, even though imported, has a footprint of 21g and that’s mainly for boiling the water.  Tea is light and easy to transport.

In conclusion we can substantially reduce carbon footprint by changing what we drink. Switching to Americano instead of a Latte can save 116 kg of CO2 in just a year by just one person!  It is astounding by how much we could  cut greenhouse gas emissions  if we all simply stopp drinking milk. Well…so we did. No milk is ever used at The Purityworks productions.

And here is something you can enjoy or even try at home





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