‘Sustainability’ is the operative word in Hollywood

The movie industry has been historically quite reluctant to address its own impact on climate change. In 2006 Sustainability in Motion Picture Industry Report, commissioned by the Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, The UCLA Institute of the Environment states:

During the course of the research, we found that the motion picture industry is simultaneously very progressive and very conservative with respect to environmental innovation. Many individuals within the industry are very proactive, well-educated, entrepreneurial environmentalists, and have accomplished many noteworthy improvements. The structure of the industry mitigates against environmental improvement, though: its highly decentralized nature, with its focus on short-term ever- changing production teams rather than long-term physical supply chains, and the contrast between its high popular visibility and financial instability resulting from its complex organizational structure, stand in the way of its adopting many of the environmental programs that are common in more traditional industries.

The report further explains that (…) the public at large does not think of the motion picture industry as polluting or otherwise environmentally harmful, so any publicity related to environmental initiatives within the industry would, in that view, draw attention to the existence of environmental problems that apparently need solving.

Ten years later and the motion picture industry embrace sustainability  and climate neutral practices with unseen enthusiasm. Public figures and movie starts talk openly and actively fight for sustainability. Green shooting is increasingly playing a role behind the scenes too.

So what does ‘sustainability’ mean to the major studios? Click the links below to find out:

21st Century Fox is committed to minimizing our environmental impacts, growing sustainably, and inspiring others to take action.


Whether around the studio lot, on location for production or in our daily lives “Green.  It’s paramount to us.”

Environmental Stewardship at Disney


Warner Bros. has a deep commitment to green production and has been a leader in adopting sustainable production practices



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