Set design champions circular economy

In the UK set designers and theatre companies are on the right track to circular economy. Parts of set or even the whole design can now be re-used, re-cycled or stored until it’s needed again. There are several fantastic initiatives to help creatives source used set parts or get rid of their old scene designs. Here are the chosen few:

Set Exchange

Set exchange is a classifieds website where you can post your ‘wanted’ or ‘offered’ adds for free. The only rule is that the ‘taker’ is responsible for transport arrangements of the goods from the ‘offerer’ . The offered goods can be any parts of set, staging, lighting or furniture.

Have a browse before you decide to buy or build something new. It might already exist somewhere or wait in storage to be put back to use.

Scenery Salvage

These guys can take your set away from you and put it to good use. They will recycle 95% of the set and props or store it for future use. They also supply unwanted items to students and low budget productions and work closely with other arts organisations promoting sustainability.

National Community Wood Recycling Project

Not only for the arts this project does exactly what you think. They recycle wood. Any wood. They are a nationwide network of wood recycling social enterprises.

Children Scrap Project

Paints, scrap paper and any art supplies laying about in your art department could go a long way in helping children organisations and schools. Donate any art supplies, using them this artist-led organisation will run art and design workshops for the young at art.


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