Short Films

The Purityworks Ltd is a purely creative company. We can create a documentary film about you, your company or your family, without leaving a huge carbon footprint. We achieve maximum results with minimum impact on our planet.

Documentary/Event Films

We use several techniques to represent the events we capture on film.  Allowing participants to engage with the camera gives a personal touch to the experience. At other times we’d rather have the camera as ‘fly on the wall‘ -filming without being involved. It is entirely up to you which approach you’d prefer. Or maybe you’d like a bit of both?

Contact us with details of your filming needs and we will send you a no-obligation quote

'Time Capsule' Family Videography

Imagine a short film about you and your family that will forever serve as a memory of that precious time. You can be the director of your family’s story. We will capture it for you and edit into a beautiful short film.

Contact us for details. Our prices are similar to those of a studio photographer


Video is the best way to engage your clients. We produce videos tailored to your specific marketing needs, from short Instagram style ads to full length profile films.  
As a company we actively take part in promoting Carbon Literacy and Low Carbon Production practices in the video and micro-indie film industries. We strive to promote healthy, greener lifestyles and rise awareness of climate change and the impact it will have on the planet.

About Us

Here, at The Purityworks, we use the idea of doing more with less. We use skeleton crew to lower our carbon footprint. We travel light so we can reduce emissions caused by transport and use small, electric vehicles. The Purityworks Ltd is part of Creative Energy scheme. Our post production office is powered by 100% renewable energy and we work on batteries that have been charged with our good energy mix.  All our productions are carbon neutral. Any unavoidable emissions we ‘purify’ using our own, unique decarboniser.

Meet the team

Alicja Socha is the company director and experienced video producer with a Degree in Video and Sound Technology from The University of Salford. She is also a Carbon Literacy Trainer

Maciej Wielpololski is a sound recordist and aerial videographer currently gaining his PADI diver certificate with a goal of becoming an underwater camera operator. He is also a member of Project Aware




Tamsin Fielden from Provadis Enterprise Ltd wrote:
The Purityworks Ltd are a complete joy to work with. Creative, down to earth and with bags of energy. Alicja really knows her stuff. She was able to take a vague concept of an idea and turn it into something innovative, sleek and impactful with all the production values of a high-end cinematic production. And all underpinned by a strong drive to care for the planet. I would certainly recommend The Purityworks.Ltd