Those filmmakers use sunlight but not the way you think

To shoot for 14 days in the Himalayas India-based filmmaker George Thengummoottil built his own portable solar charger. The director of Singalila, self wired a solar panel to a battery charger with car cigarette lighter plug. The cigarette lighter in a car operates on 12V and for that reason it was ideal for charging camera batteries. George shares his design with No Film School here and you can read more about his film here

Another solar hero is Jack Bibbo who used only solar power to edit his documentary film “Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway.” The filmmaker wanted to stay within the environmental message of the film and question himself the same way the film questions its audience. Jack spent nine months editing the film on his Apple G4 in a remote location, with only two solar panels for electricity. You can read more about his challenges here or buy the finished film here

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